Would you like to learn from the comfort of your own home? I've been running Zoom classes and Facebook live sessions throughout lockdown and I'm loving the new way of teaching!


Book an online Zoom session with me now and learn from the comfort of your own kitchen.


If there are particular skills you want to refine, a class you wish to take but cannot attend at one of my in person classes, maybe you have a picture of a cake you’d like to make your own version of, contact me with an idea of what you want to learn and your availability so I can  give you a quote.


Maybe you have some business problems you need to solve - go from confused to clear on how to proceed in a call with me!


These sessions are ideal if you have business questions that you would like to get answers to: Local Authority registration, Health & Hygiene qualifications, HMRC Self Assesments, product pricing questions and so on. I have 15 years experience in the industry and can help you get the answers you need fast.


Zoom sessions start from £97 per hour (for one person), and I will help you source equipment and materials you will require to take part in any practical sessions.


If there are several of you that would like to take part in a group class, a discount will apply for every extra attendee. Please ask me for a quote for a group session.


I can offer a set fee for events such as online hen parties and baby showers, or corporate events.

Book an online Zoom session