On the Facebook Platform, a secret group set up initially to entertain during 6 weeks of lockdown. All the tutorials are running live each week for 6 weeks commencing Monday 29th June and will be recorded and saved to view at any time.


What started out as something to help pass the time, turned into an amazingly supportive and fun group with most joining Group Two

(also now available to purchase), and now this group THREE!


A total of 16 tutorials (2-3 every week), originally live, the recordings are saved to be viewed at any time (approx running times 30 - 60 minutes):


1. Tempering Chocolate & making chocolate curls

2. Sugarcraft Gerbera

3. Chocolate Brownies

4. Basic modelling – Pig & Dog

5. Arum lily

6. Carrot & orange loaf

7. Bouquets of Flowers Cupcakes

8. Cherry cake

9. Kids cupcake toppers – Teddy face & sheep

10. Royal icing designs for cupcakes

11. Death By chocolate cake

12. Painting On Buttercream (dalmation & leopard print)

13. Flower Pro - Forget me nots

14. Chocolate Cookies

15. Wafer paper borders

16. Moulded buttercream


Upon purchase, click on this link to be approved for membership (please ensure that the name joining is the same as that given via PayPal or email or you will not be approved - send another email to confirm if this is the case): 



Membership to the group is individual. No sharing or recording is permitted whatsoever.





ONLINE Sugar Sanity 3 Tutorials