Have you always wanted to make the PERFECT MACARON?


This online class is for you if:


  • You have always wanted to give macaron making a try


  • You have always wanted to make macarons, but haven’t found the time


  • Try as you do – you can’t achieve consistent results


  • Whatever you seen to try – you can not make THE perfect macaron


  • You would love to make macarons, but don’t know where to start


  • You love eating them but are looking for a cheaper option to buying them to fuel your addiction!


  • You are looking for a recipe that gives consistent results for total beginners as well as more seasoned bakers


  • You simply don’t have the time to try 100s of different recipes and methods – you want one that you can hit the ground running – and fly


  • You want IG picture perfect macarons every time


  • You would love a professional, award winning macaron maker available to troubleshoot


Let’s nail these macarons once and for all with my AWARD WINNING, tried and tested, super-duper, NEW & IMPROVED express recipe and technique. My method requires no more preparation than weighing out ingredients (not hours of faffing about!) and there’s no waiting around during the process: make & bake!


The Macaron Online LIVE Masterclass includes:


  • A live class held in a private Facebook Group, saved for you to watch whenever you want - PLUS a recorded introduction and a pre-class prep video


  • Comprehensive equipment and ingredients list


  • My NEW & IMPROVED time saving Macaron recipe and method pack


  • Piping template for perfect sized macarons


  • Storing and decorating your finished macarons


  • Discussion on different types of macaron and the pros & cons


  • Fillings – what works and why – what doesn’t work and why


  • Complete macaron making demonstration


  • How to colour and flavour macarons


  • Various filling recipes and demonstrations


  • Bake/make alongside after pre weighing and setting up – or watch back later in your own time to implement


  • Troubleshoot with a me, a macaron master, in the group whenever you need!


Despite lots of bakers declaring macarons as “finicky” - they are NOT - Dispel the myths and banish the mystery once and for all!


I’ve been teaching students how to bake these beauties for almost ten years. I originally learnt in Paris, and since then have tweaked and amended this recipe until it is fast, easy and reliable. I have made 15,000+ macarons, and countless others in live classes with my students. I really am a macaron master!


Going online my easy super express French Macaron method....


The Facebook group will stay open so you can watch or replay at your leisure, as well as for troubleshooting and questions, so it doesn’t matter when you finally get around to accessing the masterclass.



Everyone knows that these beautiful little morsels are my favourite thing to bake – the sheer joy watching them form in the oven, to taking out perfectly formed macarons, with a super smooth shiny top, and pretty ruffled feet…pure heaven!


Approx running time 1hour 50

Location: Your kitchen - via a private Facebook group!


LIVE ONLINE Macaron Masterclass 29th December

  • Please provide the full Facebook name/identity and email address of the person who will be joining the online masterclass.


    Class will be in English.


    This is a pre-recorded online event and takes place in a private Facebook group. A Facebook account is needed to join the group, take part in and refer back to, the class. I cannot help set this up, but it is quick and free.


    No refunds will be given after payment if you subsequently cannot join Facebook, or you lose the ability to access via Facebook.


    Please refer to my class Terms & Conditions. If you book it will be assumed that you have read and agree to all of these terms. Any breach will result in your immediate removal from the group and further action will be taken as necessary. No refunds will be made in this event.  


    As this class is an online class, no refunds will be given after booking.


    Content must not be shared, passed off or retaught - any breach of copyright will be taken seriously.