Home Baking Business Masterclass – Quick start up:


This class helps home bakers cover all the essentials so that they can shortcut their way to starting their home baking business quickly and easily.


  • Fed up making cakes and giving them away for free?
  • Don’t want to go back to the treadmill and know you can make some £££ in a different way?
  • Want to start earning some £££ from your hobby but don’t know where to start?
  • Worried you’ll miss something and get into trouble?
  • Thought about setting up from home, but not sure where to start?




Hi, I’m Sarah Thomas of The Cupcake Oven.


I’d always made cakes since I was a child. As a lawyer in London, I found it therapeutic, it was my “downtime”. When I left the City to start a family, I found myself making increasingly more cakes and bakes – and just giving them away to neighbours and friends!


I was spending more and more money on what was becoming an increasingly expensive hobby, and spending hours online learning new skills. I’d realised by now, that I didn’t want to go back to corporate life, I wanted to grow my family and watch them grow up, I wanted to be there and not miss all the milestones.


By the time I realised I could create a business out of my hobby, I’d spent hours with a new born in my arms trying to wade through all the legalities and practicalities, both online and on the telephone, and was just so confused.


The web was busy enough then, 15 years ago – it’s a minefield of conflicting information now!


I just needed somewhere that told me, “Do this, this and this – and you can trade and make money!”


I had to learn a lot about the legalities and practicalities before I could start – and even then, after days and weeks of preparation, I wasn’t sure I had everything covered.






….and I have had my own successful home baking business for 15 years. I’ve always made enough to contribute substantially to my family’s income, and my business is well known. I have been teaching all aspects of sugarcraft and baking, and advising my students exactly what is required to run a home business for the last 10 years, and have many students who have gone on to have their own  successful home baking business.


I have created this “Quick Start” masterclass to share with you the key points and knowledge I wish I’d had available easily when I started 15 years ago, and to give you the benefit of my experience.




  • Registering with your local authority

Be ready - what is involved. Learn how to successfully prepare yourself and your kitchen.


  • HMRC

Keeping records and legal requirements


  • What other permissions are required

Obtaining permission from your landlord or mortgage company


  • Insurance

What type of cover do you need and other considerations


  • Selling

What do you want to sell and how do you go about it!


  • Marketing & Social Media

Where do you start and how do you find customers who want to buy your products


  • Pricing

How to calculate what you should be charging for your work realistically



But don’t just take my word for it……..


“I set up my cupcake business last week thanks to Sarah’s advice (my mortgage company gave me duff advice which meant I didn’t go ahead with setting up for ages). I’ve been baking for friends and family for ages and they encouraged me to start selling my cakes. I’m nervous and excited about this venture….Thanks for your invaluable advice.” Jo Bassett


“I was worried about spending money on information I may be able to find myself. I’m so glad I did – I had been so confused before, and spent so much time looking at it all. I hadn’t realise I’d overlooked a big chunk of what I needed to do (and I’d been in business for 5 months already). I made the money I’d invested back in just one order!” Rachel B


“I wanted to thank you for your patience and help in the class. You are a fantastic teacher and so happy to share your knowledge, it’s amazing what can be achieved with the right encouragement.” Jodi D


“I started my cake business from home a year ago, thanks to your on-point advice. I could go straight to the people I needed to as soon as I had prepared all the necessary – and I felt confident I was doing the right thing and taking the right steps. Thank you again.” Tracy N




  • You are ready to make money from your well-loved hobby.
  • You are ready to take orders from people who want to pay you.
  • You want to work around your family life.
  • You want to get started FAST
  • You want to know all the key information without having to search for it




The Food Standards Agency “Safer Food Better Business for Caterers” pack (with monthly diary sheets and full records for your EHO)


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Hobby to Business in 28 Days: Date TBC

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